Corporate Secretary

Corporate Secretary – according to the Corporate Governance Code, an employee of a joint-stock company (company) who ensures interaction with shareholders, coordination of the company’s actions to protect the rights and interests of shareholders, as well as the work of the board of directors.


General Information It is a hydroelectric power station of a dam type with a high-rise rockfill dam. Upon completion of the project, the hydroelectric dam will be the highest in the world. The design capacity of the HPP is 3600 MW, the average annual output is 13.8 billion kWh. The actual capacity as of 2021 is 760 MW. The structure of HPP facilities:
Rockfill dam with loam impervious core 335 m high, 660 m crest length and 73.6 million m³ volume;
7 construction and operational spillway tunnel structures with operating heads at gates from 150 to 200 m and tunnel diameters from 10 to 15 m, with a total capacity of 8220 m³ / s;
multi-level 5-tier deep water intake with a design pressure on emergency repair gates of 140 m;
6 inlet turbine conduits with metal cladding with a diameter of 7.5-7.0 m with a pressure shaft 212 m high and a horizontal section 356 m;
underground HPP building (69×25×220 m);
underground transformer room (53×22×220 m);
salt protection complex at the base of the dam with metal lining and equipment;
transport tunnels and access adits with a total length of about 75 km.

Tasks of the corporate secretary

Task №1

Provision of documents of the company to its shareholders, ensuring the keeping of minutes of the meeting.

Task №2

Accompanying the setting of tasks and monitoring their execution, organizing the meeting process.

Task №3

Voting and counting ballots.

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